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    Can a Kangaroo Moo?

    Can a Kangaroo Moo?

    In the works!

    Find Lou and his buddy Sue on their adventure through a ridiculously huge zoo to find a kangaroo, named Hugh, who may or may not choose to moo when they ask him to.

    This book is all about the sounds and spelling of the long U sound. Hopefully the first in a series of all vowel sounds, but let's get this one out the door first…just in the last revisions over here. 

    I'll be updating about this project, the world of book publishing and it's journey into stores and hopefully, your home.

    Stay tuned.

    Where did MoMeMa come from? It was an accident.

    Where did MoMeMa come from? It was an accident.

    So here's what happened…

    I'm a lifelong doodler, songwriter and teller of silly stories in random rhymes. It came in handy when I had to keep up my enthusiasm while carrying my infant daughter around during a NYC polar vortex winter. But, I digress. Let me start again.

    I spent most of my grown-up life as an art director in advertising. During which, I attended hours and hours and hours of very important meetings. Which really means, I had hours to doodle and I accidentally created a whole community of characters. And well, they couldn’t walk away without a name, a life, a background, a reason for being. So, MoMeMa was born. Because, why not?

    I live in Brooklyn, New York where even a walk to the grocery store can be inspiring.